Support Your Local Anything

As I’ve gotten older (I’m 24), and as I’ve started two small businesses, I’ve realized the importance of shopping local.  It’s not because I disagree with the ways in which big corporations are run but because I now understand the benefits to the community of shopping small. Do the local big box stores help lower taxes? Yes (well, to some extent). Do they often contribute to their community’s sponsored events? Yes. Do they provide convenience, low prices and peace of mind? Yes. But shopping small can produce something that’s maybe just a little ‘bigger’ than that.

When you support a corporation, you could be supporting some your town’s residents who work there who use the income to support their families & so on. But mostly, you are supporting the ‘higher-ups’ in the company. I understand, they are people too, but their salaries are no where near to what the small business owners’ income could amount to. Studies have shown that if you support a local business, for each dollar spent there, about half of that dollar is put back into circulation. That money could be used to support maybe another local business, or even the community itself (i.e. Dine to Donates*). Most of the time, the local business is run by a local residents who have an invested interest in the betterment of the community because well, they live there too. Giving back is on the top of their list, especially if their kids are still in the school system & participate in the town-run extracurricular activities.

When you support a small local business you are supporting a family. You are allowing their youngest daughter experience her senior year to its fullest participating in all of the celebratory extracurricular events. You are contributing to their center child’s college tuition, facilitating her potential to succeed in becoming a well-established pharmacist. You are supporting their oldest child’s dream of running a business. You are ensuring food on the table, a roof over their heads, light, warmth & comfort. You are allowing them to be a family just like yours. You are supporting one of your own. You are supporting someone just like you.

The next time you’re having trouble deciding where to get your produce, where to get a birthday gift, or where to eat dinner, shop small, shop local.

Have a good day everyone!

Websites referenced:

*Dine to Donate: Most local stores host “Dine to Donates” to help a local cause. Boniello’s in Riverdale hosts Dine to Donates for causes like PLRYO, PLRLL, PLEF, Autism Speaks, Cure to Cancer…etc. Boniello’s will donate 15% of it’s sales to the cause & promote the event & the cause on their Facebook, Instagram & Twitter outlets. If you are interested in a Dine to Donate please email

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